It was a crowded house party, crowded still for a large antiquated mansion that hung over the city and draped across the hills. People came and went, weaving through the foliage and large decorated shrubs, avoiding the drunks or joining them in nighttime mischief. The sound of jubilation flooded from the great halls and doorways of the house. Smoke hung lazily in the air, lent off by those puffing tobacco or dirty joints. A bouncer was placed at one of the many entrances of the mansion, eyeing the steady stream of party-goers and nightfolk. A skinny little man with wild black hair and stormy grey eyes was sipping his wine with enthusiasm from within the mansion. He was sat near the bouncer -people watching- with a goofy little smile on his face…perhaps he knew something was happening that no one else did. He was waiting for someone to arrive. He had an envelope in his coat pocket, and it needed delivered. There was a certain bodyguard that was owed a fair sum of money. Money that Len did not have. So, he had to get a little creative and rip off the guy. He tapped his foot impatiently. Once Len saw a tall beefy man with mysterious eyes and a scar across his face get past the bouncer, he knew Razor had arrived.

Len bowed graciously, minding his dry wine, and took Razors hand in his. “We’ve met in odd times again, my friend.” Lens eyes glimmered in the light. “A pleasure to see that face again.” His smell was like pine and rich coffee, with a hint of something sweet and delicate, perhaps lilac? Also dirt. The smell was haunting, and took hold of Razor. He would never get used to that intense gaze in Lens eyes. He took his hand back, wary of the stilleto nails that decorated Lens fingertips. “Our agreement is officially over today, I trust you have the money?” Razor itched his stubbly face as he addressed Len. This was always his least favorite part of the job. He worked as a bodyguard for hire. Protecting folks either from others or, occasionally from themselves. Razor towered over Len, expecting an answer. “Ahh yes, HAH! About that…” Len twisted a smile and pulled out an envelope from his coat. The envelope was sealed with a wax crest. He handed it to Razor manically, and made an excited gesture. Inside the envelope was an elegantly written letter. Razor cocked his head to one side.

“You expect me to read this?” A pause. “Don’t INSULT me Razor!” “Ugh-fine.”

Dear, Mr. Razor,,sir

It has come to our attention, thereof, that the funds you require simply do not exist within this time-space, and therefore have no basis in this reality. You can thank our lady science for this astronomical achievement, discovered by none other than me, Len, Lenathy Jr. Also, whats your horoscope? Asking for a friend…

P.S I am not paying you, this was a distraction. Did it work? Love, Len.”

Razor cursed and looked up in time to see Len making for the party deeper into the mansion. He really didn’t expect this to be on the menu today, but he did like trying new party foods, so he supposed it would be alright. He also knew running would tire out Len much faster than him. The idiot didn’t even know he had done his research. Len had asthma. He would most likely try -yes, try– to blend in and play hide and seek with the crowd. The damned socialite. Razor threw down the letter, perturbed by the situation, and strode down the hallway and into the belly of the drunken, sleep deprived beast of a party.

–images for this post coming soon ❤ –

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