words to ease my mind

pacing, a racing mind, drooling and slobbering

nonsense dulling the time spent paying my bodies rent

an awkward shuffle of limbs that feel foreign and heavy

teeth clenched in hopes of a proper anger to vent out and lash

clashing with opinions, clashing with the past, and dark minds

shadows reaching for me, some come from within me

somehow this darkness feels comfortable, hah!

and to own up to it, caress it like a pet, treat it like a king well set

instead of looking it in the eyes and recognizing its beauty

a glamour only matched by my own hunger for purity

such a thing already exists within our essence

the shadow is the purity and without it purity would not exist

the perfection of humanity is also the downfall of man is also, is also, is also

nothing, everything, time is standing still. controlled by a whim

an accident when nostalgia returns, a flick of a switch you didnt know could exist, a comfort so soft time can do nothing but stop. maybe the clocks never started in the first place. maybe our death is our birth and we are nothing but the earth.

i like chubby bumble bees! image sourced back to this website! https://www.lighthousenewsdaily.com/bumblebees-flowers-fuzzy-hairs/6431/

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