shopping cart

waiting underneath a veil

A shabby toy left in the closet

An awareness that described peace

As something you found on the playground

Every night step closer to tip toe in the dark

Through forest hedges and pillow forts and parks that dont have names

A simple way to show you what we mean

Would be a mystery wrapped around your heart

A kite snagged in the branches of a tree

Its twisted tails and broken poles convey a greeting

Beckoning you to rescue what you once cherished

You can see it, but you cant quite reach

And, if you managed to get it down

It would never fly the same.

A shopping cart in the middle of the woods

Now how did that get here?ย 

Sometimes we feel so out of place


Photo by Kyle Johnsonย onย Unsplash


Standing slowly sands of time trickle down to stay in line a missing whisper faded ears reverberated through thick glue and sheltered soft in hues of blue and rue a headache brewing under skin a message to hear right here so clearly to see and so seldom said a pushing variance of unity fled onto green and red colors to fill and saturate the empty space and dislocate time and place understanding a breath or two is all you need to remain true

words to ease my mind

pacing, a racing mind, drooling and slobbering

nonsense dulling the time spent paying my bodies rent

an awkward shuffle of limbs that feel foreign and heavy

teeth clenched in hopes of a proper anger to vent out and lash

clashing with opinions, clashing with the past, and dark minds

shadows reaching for me, some come from within me

somehow this darkness feels comfortable, hah!

and to own up to it, caress it like a pet, treat it like a king well set

instead of looking it in the eyes and recognizing its beauty

a glamour only matched by my own hunger for purity

such a thing already exists within our essence

the shadow is the purity and without it purity would not exist

the perfection of humanity is also the downfall of man is also, is also, is also

nothing, everything, time is standing still. controlled by a whim

an accident when nostalgia returns, a flick of a switch you didnt know could exist, a comfort so soft time can do nothing but stop. maybe the clocks never started in the first place. maybe our death is our birth and we are nothing but the earth.

i like chubby bumble bees! image sourced back to this website!


its good to say well see you today

another chance to make it right another reason to fix a right

down in the tide the water erodes

soil and dirt and mismatched nodes

erosion gently changes the surface

over time it changes the inside too

when you scream for forgiveness of a crime

committed by those closest to you

lacking conviction is easy when you lack faith

basic modern human with its tired mind

heavy soul and unwashed hands

a salute to you

at pride ๐Ÿณ๏ธโ€๐ŸŒˆ

at pride its fun to be swaying with the breeze

the smell of grass and cooking food

music bleeds from the souls of performers

entrancing bass reverberates through the valley

a boy wears a rainbow of yarn and flows with the music

glitter creeps into every crevice of grass

stray boa feathers strut the well worn footpaths

declarations of love greet you at every vendor

even unpleasant people couldnt ruin the mood

i feel myself bloom

coming out to play before the night ends

and a door opens

fearless or numb

its the morning and i wrote this here you go also coffee is good and its a windy day also i was looking for pretty stock photos and i randomly found this jolly man eating a lollipop, but it was like a series, a bloody beautiful one that needed to be in my life and i think you deserve to see it too

conquiring consuming depraving and gruelling

red clouds my sight and covers my ears

everything i try to unlearn talks in silent night

a sweet voice that lulls me to sleep behind the dumpster

where the rats come to chew on my rotten intention

a defence mechanism which knows no bounds

silences inside a throat so down-filled with hate and poison and spit

even hearing that wicked voice taunts me in my dreams

footsteps incite panic and confusion

what did i do this time?

a question asked by the weary, when hurt seems to be

inevitable-intangibly real

never rest for that special time may come when fangs come out

and venom spills into your soul

a hurt deep within

a crack in the core

another painful morning

im not a specimen in a jar


So there I waste away in time

a lock on the thoughts of truth

who am i to scoff at the system

that was put in place by someone

who knows me

more than me

self sabotage

sometimes i dont allow myself to be succeseful

but theres always that ache in my stomach that tells me to keep going

no matter what i drown out it wont go away

but to be honest i dont want it to

the ache is the meaning of life?

destiny or something better

promises that were kept and

some that were not

ruefully i stray out into the unknown

ruefully -but mostly grateful and graceful


destruction brings with it creation

a chance to breath fire

finally growing pains return

a lesson is being learned


love notes on my skin

I like to write love notes on my skin

with a pen or permanent ink

to remind me that I’m never alone

even if the road I walk is on my own

“We love you” whispered the trees

“Bear the burden of love” drooping flowers sigh

A sparkle lights up in my vision

a celebrated reminder of spirits presence

without a problem there’d be no answer

this connection is a blessing

the hesitancy is a curse

bring me to the light again

this is random but yes that is a picture of Rhett from Good Mythical Morning. He is my mascot for this post! I edited a picture for this post, but I didnt like it so I’m using butt Rhett instead!