Glad you could make it!

“…Welcome home, son. “

Welcome to my home page! It seems you’ve found yourself at trippingoverfate, a little spot on the internet I like to call my own. Glad you could make it. I guess you could say that fate brought you here? Hah! I originally started this blog to document my life and my spiritual life awakening, and even my adventures through young adulthood! I wanted a safe space for like minded people, to find comfort and joy in the world. A reminder that you arent alone in this life, no matter how odd or different you feel right now. I’m here for you, and I’m rooting you on! We love a good existential crisis here at trippingoverfate. I’m a fairly fresh blog now -but I have lots of great stuff in store, so be sure to SMASH that subscribe button down below. If you happen to be interested in my other post, please check the search bar or the archive, to find content perfect for you. If you have any questions or want to leave site feedback (much appreciated) then please go to the contact me page! Thank you again for visiting, enjoy your stay.

Woah, woah, woah. Wait just a minute…who are you? You might be thinking. Some mystery clad cyborg? An alien from another planet? A cheese sandwich with hands? As sad as it is to say that I am none of those, I suppose I should give you some backstory! After all, how can one trust a cheese sandwich alone? I am Trey! A genderfluid transgender…being (its a work in progress)…with a lot of sass and a story to tell. I come from a small town on the edge of Washington state, and I’m slowly figuring out who I really am. I like long walks on the beach, poofy birds, and expressing myself through life’s many facets. My favorite color is purple and if I see something cute you know I gotta go look at it. I also enjoy cheesy jokes and various foods from around the world! Hopefully that made you feel a bit more comfortable, or at least solved some curiosity! I hope to see you around! Thanks again for stopping by. 🌻