Dreaming with music ðŸŽ¼


So todays post will be partially a ramble and partially talking about music and how amazing and wonderful it is. I’ll do a little list here to share some amazing music that I love and hope you’ll love too!! Be sure to share and add to the list by commenting below! These are songs from all different genres and artists, so you’ll definitely find something you love. If you arent here for the music, and would like to read my ramblings, then skip to the paragraph below the list!

Its so hard to make this list, because I want to listen to EVERY one of these songs! Without further ado, here is the list, with some tasty links:

Tame Impala is one of my favorite bands, and I really enjoy their new music! I’m also a big fan of the album Currents and Lonerism! They’ve got kind of a funky psychedelic sound and damn that BASS. The lead singer is also known as STONER JESUS! 🙏🏻

Tame Impala-Apocalypse Dreams

Tame Impala-Patience

Tame Impala – Borderline

Heres someone I’ve loved since middle school! John Mayer was one of the first artist I got into when I was a wee baby. His live CD Any Given Thursday was the first in my collection! Heres some of my favorites below!

John Mayer -New Light

John Mayer-I Guess I Just Feel Like

John Mayer-No Such Thing

John Mayer-Whiskey Whiskey Whiskey

John Mayer -In The Blood

This band is pretty well known, but I’ll sprinkle in a few tunes by them! Give it up for Pink Floyd! Also, check out the movie “THE WALL“. Its trippy, maaaan.

Pink Floyd -Fearless

Pink Floyd- Have A Cigar

I absolutely CANNOT have a music post without my true love, PETER MURPHY. He’s a goth icon and lead singer from Bauhaus, but I really like his self titled stuff!

Peter Murphy-Seven Veils

Peter Murphy-Our Secret Garden

Porcupine Tree is a magical, mystical band with no explanation…just awe. These guys are rad. I am in love with this band.

Porcupine Tree- Your Unpleasant Family

Porcupine Tree- Draw The Line

Porcupine Tree-Anesthetize

Heres some crazy cool dudes I recently started listening to. King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard! They have such TASTY jams.


KGATWL-Rattlesnake 🐍 <–great music video! the guy on the far right is my fave

Here, have some dancy trance music! BT is another guy whos music inspires the crap outta me. I tried to DJ even! These jams are smooooth like butter my friend. If you like BT, also check out Celldweller!

BT-Dark Heart Dawning

BT-Never Gonna Come Back Down


THIS IS …THE GORILLAZ. They need no intro! Just a cool emoji 🐒


Gorillaz-The Apprentice


Gorillaz-Sleeping Powder

Temples are an amazing band! The lead singers voice amazes me…ahhh. I always listen to them when I need a pick-me-up. The lyrics are beautiful.


Temples-All Join In


MODEST MOUSE must be on this list. I have been in love with these guys for a few years, I even have almost all of their albums on CD! Needless to say I’m a big fan! Special thanks to Guercinator and Modest Mouser for the uploads! WELLLLL!!

Modest Mouse-Ocean Breathes Salty

Modest Mouse-King Rat

Modest Mouse-Ansel

Modest Mouse-I Came As A Rat

Modest Mouse-March Into The Sea

Modest Mouse-Fire It Up

Modest Mouse-Florida

Modest Mouse-Heart Cooks Brain

MGMT is a band I just recently got into! I heard Electric Feel and Time To Pretend, but didnt know how varied their songs were! Glad I listened to more of their stuff! Also, Banana Man. *CHOMP*

MGMT -Your Life Is A Lie

MGMT-Its Working

MGMT-Hand It Over

And, to end this list, I’ll add a couple random songs from some of my fave artist over the years.

Soundgarden-The Day I Tried To Live

A Perfect Circle-Blue

Tool-Right In Two

Puscifer-Humbling River

RHCP-This Velvet Glove

System Of A Down-Aerials

Silversun Pickups-Neck Of The Woods (full album)



TV On The Radio-Quartz

TV On The Radio-Could you?

Linkin Park-Robot Boy

Frightened Rabbit-Woodpile

Frightened Rabbit-Holy

The Hu Band-Yuve Yuve Yu

The Babe Rainbow-Something New

The Babe Rainbow-Johny Says Stay Cool

Metronomy-The Look


And so ends this list! For now…hint hint. Be sure to comment what your favorite bands and jams are, I am very eager to find more music to enjoy. 🍄


Oh, you’re still here! I see you enjoy rambles ;D Well, todays ramble is going to be LIT fam! It’s going to be about dreaming, dreaming about the future, future dreams, goals for dreams for the future, and dreams that have things to do with future things. I know, right? I just kind of wanted to talk about the experience I had today, and how it kind of ties in with my life adventure right now. Lately, I’ve been pretty frustrated and kind of in a slump. I had a rough last week and dropped the ball with my self recovery, and it really bummed me out. But today was an amazing day, and it kind of put things into perspective for me. All this time I was so worried, and so focused on what I was supposed to be doing that I stopped doing what made me happy, what filled me with joy. Without expressing myself or being who I am or being able to do that comfortably, I became this…zombie kind of person. I felt like all the progress I had made had been lost. Toiling in the murky waters of the unknown, trying to catch a breath between the massive swells of water. But in all reality, the progress was there the entire time…I just blocked it out with my negative head-space and lack of ….well….lack of living my life as who I am! Why am I running around in circles trying to piece together something if I can’t even piece together that the one in my way is ME! What an infuriating thing, especially when I feel so…anxious, eager, yearning for something that has no image yet? Am I creating my own image as we speak? Or is the image already known? Is this future I’m creating one I already knew about? Before I came to earth? How do I know if I don’t know? And what happens when I finally figure it out?

All I did today was go walk around like a dork, but such a tiny thing made such a huge difference in how today turned out. If I were to of stayed home this post probably wouldnt even have been written. So many things can happen from one tiny little action, and it amazes me! I’ve learned so much and seen so many things in such a short time, and yet that fear of not being good enough haunts me! I want to start a youtube, I want to be a healer, and I want to be myself! I’m ready. I guess its just hard to convince myself that, even though I know I am? Ive been told that what I’m learning is contradictions right now. And boy is that accurate. Being in my 20s has been one of the most confusing and wonderful, terrible, amazing, beautiful times in my life. It’s like being a …butterfly? Yeah, a butterfly! It just baffles me, the amount of things I don’t know, the amount of learning I have to do. It makes me excited too, ecstatic even! And thats also what confuses me! I havent been excited about life in a real long time, and now things are exploding and blooming and my eyes are blind but they see everything? Ok, not literally blind, but I feel like a veil has been lifted and …my old eyes are …gone? Its not the same, and it shouldnt be! I think I get so frustrated because I’m living in a situation that is old. Really old! It drags me down so, so much- makes me feel unworthy, unbearable, an idiot sandwich. And thats not fair to me or my future. It’s time to fly the nest, yknow? The only thing left to do now is leap, I suppose! Thanks for reading 💜


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